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We develop custom web applications leveraging the latest web technologies to help your business grow to the next level of success.

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We design, build and integrate high-performance custom websites to engage users, increase conversion rates and drive sales

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Design Direct works with businesses of all sizes from startups to established companies helping them to develop and effectively market their ideas.

At Design Direct we create high-performing, visually exceptional websites that efficiently convey your brand story. Our team of designers and developers ensures that your website not only looks great but functions flawlessly across multiple devices. Our products are made strategically designed to leave a lasting impression on your visitors bringing you the business you deserve.

Our solutions are user led we ensure all customers entail a simple and seamless journey while navigating our web apps.

Our professional web development team has designed high performing, user-friendly web applications for clients both in London and globally. Our online experience gives us unique insight into the technical needs of today’s online businesses, enabling us to build impressive websites that deliver outstanding results.

Ensuring front-end and back-end development is well optimised and future proof. We work with the latest technology and industry standards allowing your business to remain competitive in your market. You can be confident in your site’s performance and maintainability.

API Development & Integration

We offer professional API development and a third-party API integration service that can improve the efficiency of your business processes.

Our professional team, with expertise in developing well-documented APIs, can safely and perfectly integrate a third-party API with your business system or app.

At Design Direct, we create user-centric business solutions to enhance the digital experience of your business and increase global brand value. Our API solutions include custom API integration and API as a service. Our experts understand the importance of custom API integration and deliver scalable and reliable API development and integration services.


Payment Gateway Integration

Our payment gateway integration services help you to provide payment options of your choice to your customers.
We have years of experience in providing expert solutions for businesses seeking payment gateway integrations.

At Design Direct, we offer customised payment gateway integration solutions that enable your online store to fully support all the major payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards and net banking options. Our team of professionals uses the latest technologies to ensure PCI compliant, fast and secure transactions for your online store.

A Technology Partner you can trust.

We have integrated payment gateways for retail shopping cart businesses, subscription websites, C2C payment systems, multivendor pay-outs, donation websites, and many more. Using SSL certification, PCI compliant integration, API, and hosted payment integration services, we have gained applause for our secure, professional payment gateway integration services across the globe. In order to minimise loading time during the payment process, we integrate payment gateways with high conversion rates.

Software Development

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We build bespoke, intelligent, and cost-effective software for enterprises

Our strategic and technical approach enables us to build cutting-edge solutions for the most complex challenges. Collaboration, analysis, and innovation are the hallmarks of all our solutions.

At Design Direct we develop solutions for existing business processes that are cost-effective and user-intuitive. With domain experience as our core competence, we are committed to creating solutions that help clients reach their goals in the most effective way.

We are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive a professional, reliable, and transparent service throughout the whole process.

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Custom software development is frequently handled by in-house development teams or third-party developers. The same procedures and methodologies apply to custom software development as they do to other types of software development. A customized project would go through the same steps as any other software project, such as gathering requirements, creating code, testing, and deploying it, and would employ the same approaches, such as Agile, DevOps, or Rapid Application Development.

The process of custom software development comprises of customization of application, its modernization, and administration, among other things. Application customization is the process of adapting commercial software to satisfy individual requirements. In order for a company’s unique software to stay viable in the face of changing user and market expectations, it must be modernized. Application administration supports software effectiveness by assisting with tasks like installation, upgrades, performance and availability optimization, and service desk responsibilities.

Why You Need Custom Software Solutions

Custom software development services, as offered by the leading IT solutions providers, is significant because it facilitates businesses to cater to pre-defined requirements at a lesser cost than investing in and modifying commercial software. The benefits are as follows:


Without the need to tamper with or alter COTS programs, custom software is purpose-built to support processes quickly and productively.

Easy to Scale

Custom software can expand and alter as a company or organization grows and evolves. As part of the requirements gathering process, designers and developers can anticipate future demands. Instead of spending expenditures by obtaining additional licenses or subscriptions to bundled programs, these aspects might be included within the application.

Seamless Integration

One of the most important questions to ask about commercial software is if it will function with existing and legacy applications. If the answer is no, businesses will have to invest more money to get commercial software to work with their existing infrastructure. Custom software can be created to work in a specific context.




High ROI

It is feasible to gain money by developing custom software. Businesses that build their own software may own the software and thus be able to license or sell it to other organizations, depending on the project’s terms and conditions.


Being free of a commercial software vendor has both positive and negative consequences. On the bright side, businesses can avoid price increases for licencing and maintenance — as well as being stuck maintaining packaged software if a vendor goes out of business or discontinues a product. On the flip side, the organisation that built or had custom software developed bears the cost of supporting and maintaining it. Because of how the equation works, each business must carefully consider whether it is preferable to build or buy.

Factors Affecting Your Need for Custom Software Development Services

The following are the factors one should consider when choosing custom software development services.

  • Facilitate or automate one-of-a-kind commercial transactions and processes.
  • Manage information relevant to a certain industry or line of business.
  • Meet specific privacy or security needs.
  • Enable data and application integration with legacy systems.
  • At a better price, replace or assist in the consolidation of current solutions.
  • To increase productivity, replace or assist in the consolidation of existing solutions.
  • Increase your competitive advantage by enabling new opportunities.

Businesses grow and change to meet changing demands. In today’s competitive world, it’s critical to create software or an application that meets precise business criteria. Custom software development is the process of conceiving, creating, constructing, and delivering software for a single individual or group of individuals within an organization or as a third-party arrangement. As a result, bespoke software is now required by every organization in order to meet business requirements.

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I thought designing a website was meant to be hard and stressful? It appears not... FlossyNet have amazing staff who walk you through everything they are doing to make you feel more at ease. The prices are amazing compared to other companies. The website took a couple of months to complete and since then we have had a much better conversion rate- something they promised. Thank you so much!

Alina Kantvile Founder, CEO, Bibionz

I worked with FlossyNet very closely in developing the website for my two businesses. This is business indeed a credible one and their customer care is also very good. Therefore, I can highly recommend FlossyNet business to anyone who is searching for developing a website

Dr.Tissa Ravinda Perera Senior Consultant GETA & GCRS.
Head , Department of Management and Organization Studies, Faculty of Management and Finance, University of Colombo,

FlossyNet supported us in web design, development and digital marketing. Thanks to their knowledge and determination our website looks great, it functions really well and includes a high level of interactivity. We now have an ongoing relationship with FlossyNet and look forward to working with them more in the future and on our marketing campaigns.Thank you for working over time to complete on such a tight deadline! We would highly recommend to anyone!

Billy James Senior Consultant , Onara Solutions

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